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"Pure magic!"
-Kate Burton, actress-
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"It's easy to forget that space is a practice, a living relationship between human and environment. This relationship is often invisible to us, unconscious, our senses are only a threshold, a step across the boundaries of human and environment, of time and space."

As a Reiki Master Teacher, IET Master Instructor, Feng Shui practitioner and past life regression facilitator, Manu Del Prete has devoted over three decades to exploring these boundaries. Through her teaching, coaching, and comprehensive practice, from medical intuition to life alignment or shifting, Manu integrates psychic, physical, and metaphysical energies. She assists her clients to experience an awareness that they already possess, by which greater health and wellbeing can be achieved.

Born and raised in Italy, Manu's family origins fostered her psychic gifts, but it wasn't until her own "dark night of the soul" that she began her focused study to develop those gifts. Following her arrival in the U.S., she continued her studies with different Masters and teachers and integrated different approaches into her unique vision. The vision of an intuitive life architect, adjusting spaces with the body and integrating all aspects of life.

From space clearing to Feng Shui, from Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy to past life regression, Manu focuses on each individual's needs, drawing upon the energetic human field and consciousness, and the unique spiritual or epistemological connections. She draws on a lifetime of work across the spectrum of perception, connecting the healing arts with the metaphysical arts, the philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism, quantum physics and sacred geometry.

For Manu, the gentlest touch can be the most profound, dissolving the elastic boundaries that separate us from each other and from the deeper energies that compose our world, and through which we must pass to return to ourselves.

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