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"Thank you thank you thank you Reiki Godmothers for this amazing class! For your knowledge, wisdom, humor and fierce energy! The information you shared in class helped me connect a lot of dots on what was already happening in my body and energy as part of this evolution, but nothing I have read so far really validated all this until the Reiki Earth Evolution class.The attunement to the new symbol was one of the most powerful I had. For the past month I have been using it on myself and my clients going through ascension, it’s helping tremendously already. I am forever grateful! " 

- Julia D. Reiki practitioner

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Humanity is experiencing a major evolutionary shift right now. Many are calling these times earth ascension. The term ascension, as it is used today, refers to the rising of humanity’s awareness or consciousness from the physical plane to the non-physical. This spiritual shift needs to be embodied, and for this reason, going through ascension can be difficult. It can feel painful and confusing, and it may cause an array of physical, emotional and mental symptoms.


Different ancient cultures, mystics, and psychics have spoken and predicted these particular times, and the shift we are currently experiencing has been described as one that will create a fundamental shift in the way human beings experience reality. One of the spiritual traditions that spoke about these changes is the Toltec tradition of Mesoamerica. According to their teachings, this transition has been happening since the early 1990’s and will culminate in 2020. 2021 marked the beginning of the new era that will last 6,625 years and they refer to this era as the “sixth sun”.


In 2018 I received a new Reiki symbol during a trance mediumship channeling session. This symbol came with specific instructions to only use and share it between myself and the other Reiki godmother, Aki Hirata Baker (with whom I have been teaching Reiki), until further instructions were given.


In 2019 there was a call to go into another channeling session, during which I received detailed information about earth ascension, the map of what our energetic system will be in the future, how it will happen, along with the blessing to share the information and instructions to students in the year 2020, as part of the tools for people to cope and work with the shift.


We, as in Reiki godmothers, started offering the Earth Evolution Reiki class in 2020, and since then our students have reported amazing shifts, the new symbol helping with ascension symptoms and some have already experienced the changes in their energetic field that came with the information I was given.


This information was given to humanity from the counsel of Ascended Reiki Masters; I just happened to be aligned in the right space at the right time to receive it.

They have revealed that the practice of Reiki is ancient, older than anyone could record. The information revealed to Master Usui was a partial remembrance of what humanity once practiced, and there are many more Reiki symbols available for humanity in the future when our mind, body, and spirit will be ready.


For more information about this class and to register click here.

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