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"As most doctors will attest there is a strong mind body connection. Manu's work is incredibly helpful.   Her techniques are very useful in making one feel grounded and relaxed, which helps with chronic disease and  with everyday life. She is very skilled and has helped  countless people"    
-Dr Sandy Gelbard, MD-    

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Spiritual counseling is supporting a person on their spiritual journey. The soul as a starting point of balance. Recognizing that the world is a complex mystery and taking into account different beliefs systems, Universal and personal energy systems, intuitive psychic realities, karmic lessons, integration of all the dimensions of self, spiritual theology and more.

Spiritual counseling is guiding each individual through various forms of therapy and practices in finding their unique way of connecting to the Divine. In a nutshell is to experience deeper layers of Love, because on some level spirituality and Love are one and the same.

* You are in the right place if you are interested in knowing more about spiritual awakening, psychic awakening, earth ascension, twinflames truths and myths, the evolution of your consciousness from your star family to your human adventure and why the call you “starseed”

Have you ever wondered about your soul experiences before you incarnated on Earth in a human body?


We all come from the same light - some call it Source, some call it God - and after separating from Source we have lived in other forms; etheric or physical and existed amongst other civilizations on different planets and galaxies before we chose to come to Earth.


The Akashic Records are a dimension outside of time and space, a metaphysical container where we can find the information of every soul and their experiences; the records of their lives on Earth as well as their lives in other constellations and universes. Some of our soul’s traumas, patterns and gifts actually stem from far beyond what we can imagine and by accessing the Akashic Records I can offer you a deeper understanding of yourself, a multidimensional perspective of you.


Your teachers in spirit and guides exist within your Akashic records to help you with guidance and tools of healing. These readings are not just to answer your galactic history questions but they also offer energetic clearings and healing at the quantum level. We are living in such times of evolution and shifts, our DNA is upgrading and more information about the true nature of ourselves and our history are surfacing through memories, dreams and new experiences. More than ever now, people are looking for deeper answers.


As a psychic medium and energy healing facilitator, I have been communicating with crossed over souls and guides all my life. My channeling practice has opened me to communicating with different alien collectives in spirit, some of whose soul collectives have been helping Earth and humanity in the evolution process. Through my channeling over the years, they have educated me on galactic information to support my helping others through this shift. If you have been exploring your soul boundaries beyond Earth, this Askashic reading can help validate your inner knowing and give you tools to navigate these times.

* Pricing for all Spiritual Counseling sessions ​is $180/hr

* Pricing for all Akashic Readings sessions ​is $200/hr


   Please contact me if you need financial assistance.

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